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Sea Freight 
Sea freight is the transportation of cargo in ships between specified ports - whether in Break Bulk vessels (for cargo shipped in huge quantities), Container vessels, Tanker vessels, Roll-on/Roll-off vessels (for vehicles), or Barges (for negotiating shallow waters). The type of vessel will depend on the nature, size/volume or weight of the cargo, and requirements of the Shipper and Consignee.

Equally, there are numerous types of cargo transported by sea  General, Perishable, Hazardous, Liquid or Gas.

Odd sized or 'out of gauge' cargo (examples huge machinery, special vehicles or sheet glass) can be transported in special containers such as Flat Rack, Open Top or ˜Platform˜Reefer (refrigerated containers for items such as pharmaceuticals or foodstuffs), or Flexitanks(for liquid cargo).


premium sea freight encompasses every aspect in the physical and paperwork chain  from the time your cargo leaves the door to arriving safely at its destination

Air Freight 
Air cargo is transported either by passenger or freighter air crafts  depending on volume and size. Freighter air crafts transport huge volume or ove rsized cargo over long distances. Due to an aircrafts cargo weight limitations, Airfreight is charged using a unit known as Chargeable Weight.  Some Cargo Airlines are divisions or subsidiaries of larger passenger airlines, and use certain major airports as hubs for the transhipment of cargo to airports worldwide.At Lotus International limpex Cargo , our inbound and outbound Value-Added Services include:

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